Nicole decides to run for female school captain to get closer to Geoff and promptly begins to bribe the voters. Nicole, Melody and Geoff end up winning their respective elections, but Nicole starts to feel guilty about what she’s done after seeing the genuine disappointment of her rivals for the job.

After realising how much work will be involved as captain, she begins to wonder if she has made a mistake. Worse, Geoff isn’t impressed, knowing she didn’t run in order to help the school.

Annie finds traces of arsenic in a sample of soil she takes as part of a school science project. Her sample sparks Belle’s interest when she learns it was taken from somewhere close to the development site. Belle starts to think about how many people have developed cancer in the area and realises how serious this could be.

Kirsty turns down another escort job after her near miss with Barlett at the hospital benefit, not wanting Miles to find out the truth. But while she is checking her banking details online, she forgets to close the computer down. When Miles gets home, he finds the banking page still open, and to his shock, finds Bartlett’s rather large payment to Kirsty for his date. Is Kirsty’s secret out?

*Showing on RTE One, Monday December 8*