Roman is shocked to hear from Nicole that she came to Summer Bay because her mum’s new fiance tried to kiss her. Roman is furious, but Nicole pleads with him not to bring it up with her mother as it will only make things worse and she wants to move on. Roman feels he’s made a breakthrough with his daughter, but Nicole is pleased her confession has got her off the hook for making the bet with Aden.

Despite being over the moon at being engaged, Jack and Martha decide to keep their planned nuptials a secret from everyone. Meanwhile, back from her weekend away with Ross, disapproving Morag again ignores Martha and Jack at The Diner. But fed-up Martha has had enough of Morag’s disapproval and loses her temper, telling Morag that if she keeps up her attitude, she won’t have any family left.

Miles is dreading the P&C meeting called by Melody’s mum Christine to discuss his use of controversial novel Spring Awakening as a school text. Determined to gather evidence to back up her claims that Miles is an incompetent teacher, Christine secretly begins taking photos of misbehaving school students. When she snaps a photo of Nicole and another student fighting in Miles’ class, Miles goes to Morag for help.

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