Nicole is offended that Geoff’s sudden marriage proposal was out of guilt at sleeping together on the island. Nicole tells him she wants to be his girlfriend and the couple agree to stay together but with no sex. But Nicole can’t resist for long and later tries her best to seduce him, leading to another argument.

And when Geoff bumps into Melody at the adolescent clinic and learns that Nicole didn’t pass a message from Melody onto him, he gets even more angry, After another row, Geoff tells Nicole he doesn’t want to be with someone he can’t trust and walks out, leaving her crushed.

Aden tries to persuade Melody she is not evil for praying for Axel’s death. Melody is not convinced and Aden tells her she needs to get well so she can go home. Meanwhile, Aden is relieved when Belle finally visits him, but maintains they are still only friends, leaving him disappointed and hoping she will change her mind.

Tony is unhappy at Rachel’s suggestion that she visit Aden at the clinic and doesn’t know how she can forgive him so easily. Later, a mysterious lady called Bridget arrives on Tony’s doorstep, leaving Tony panicking as to what Rachel will say…

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