Nicole urges Ruby to be honest about Liam

Nicole knows Ruby’s mind is on Liam, she just wishes she would admit it. Xavier apologises to Liam – he shouldn’t have had a go at him about Ruby. Ruby meets April for the first time and is incensed when Xavier introduces her as his ex. April asks Xavier if Ruby is over him. He isn’t sure, but tells her that he’s over Ruby.

Charlie and Angelo spend the night together, but when Charlie rushes to work the next morning, Angelo is concerned she’s running away again. She assures him she’s not. Angelo meets up with Wilson and Charlie is worried for him, but he says he has her and that’s all that matters to him.

April is more excited than Tony about setting up the boxing ring at the farm. She thinks it’s a fantastic idea. Rachel is still disgusted with Tony and frustrated when he doesn’t see what her problem is. She shows him some literature and photos of the damage that can be done to women’s bodies when they box.

Sid Walker is preparing to return to the Bay when children Indi and Dex arrive on his doorstep. They’ve ditched the trip to Europe with their mother and want to come with him.

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