Despite being completely unexcited by her role as school captain, Nicole spends time with Geoff to work on an SRC statement. But they are interrupted by a call from Nicole’s mother, urgently asking her to come home to the city. After Geoff accuses her of shirking her responsibilities, Nicole reveals she only became school captain to keep Melody away.

Pleased Nicole is still interested in him, Geoff offers to drive her to her mother’s. They arrive in the city to see Nicole’s mum Natalie, who has decided to divorce husband Roy. Although she is pleased at the news, Nicole soon learns Roy wants the divorce to marry his secretary and intends to kick Natalie out of the house. Nicole is dismayed to realise her mum only called her back to use her.

After finding several messages on his phone, Miles rushes to The Sands, where he finds Kirsty in a mess leaving her ‘date’s’ room, having managed to put off getting intimate. Miles takes Kirsty home, and agrees to let her stay in a caravan providing she agrees to put herself and Ollie before Kane. Leah is unhappy to hear about what Kirsty has been up to and in her anger, confesses how she feels about Miles.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday December 11*

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