Nicole won’t take no for an answer

Nicole is still pursuing Sid. She firmly believes there is something between them. When Sid makes a house call to tend to a sick Ollie, Nicole mistakenly believes he has come to see her, only adding fuel to her fire. No matter how quickly he corrects this impression, we are left with the feeling that Nicole is going to continue pursuing him, regardless of what Sid says.

Charlie is desperate to prove to Ruby that Grant is a rapist and searches for other victims where he lives. Grant is annoyed by the attention from local cops. He confronts Charlie and makes a veiled threat about Ruby. Charlie threatens to kill him if he comes near her, and is heard by people in the Diner. Grant finds Ruby, desperate to get her on side.

Hugo is in a good mood and Martha wonders why. He says he’s planning a surprise. He takes her to the wharf, showing her an old, rusted schooner he’s bought. He plans to sink it in the Bay to create a dive attraction. Martha thinks it’s a great idea. But then they run into John Palmer. He’s running for local council and will oppose their plans on environmental grounds.

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