Nicole’s frantic about Angelo

Nicole is tied up in knots, worrying about Angelo. Meanwhile, Colleen’s blissful day in the National Park with Keith has just taken a sinister turn. She’s made a frightening discovery – a shallow grave dug in the ground. Frantic, Colleen must deal with the shock of what she might have stumbled upon. Who’s buried here? Remember, Angelo’s still missing…

Keith suggests a quiet night at his place and Colleen is very pleased. But when she sees Keith talking to Heath Braxton, she becomes concerned. She’s already had a run-in with those boys. Keith assures her everything’s above board – the Braxton Boys help out at the shelter.

When Nicole hears a body has been found in the National Park she expects the worst. After lingering at the crime scene all day, she is flooded with relief to hear it’s not him. But if it’s not Angelo buried there, who is it? And where’s Angelo?

Charlie thinks the trail’s gone cold until she receives a call from a hospital. It holds some clues to Angelo’s disappearance, including a suspect…

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