Nicole is really struggling with her decision to give up George. She goes to visit Sid and Marilyn and sees them arguing, while George cries. This makes her all the more worried. After speaking to Angelo, Nicole is more certain than ever that she has made the wrong decision and decides she wants George back.

Marilyn is still unhappy that Sid won’t tell Indi about Romeo’s STI. When Sid meets up with Indi and Dex, he tries to drop some hints to Indi, but she just thinks he’s being mean to Romeo again and walks off. At home, she talks to Marilyn, who can’t bear the pressure of keeping a secret. She tells Indi what Sid has been unable to tell her. Indi confronts Sid over his attitude, but he stands firm – he’s not giving her relationship with Romeo his blessing.

Romeo is shocked by the news that he may have infected Emily. When he goes to the hospital to get tested, he’s mortified when he finds out that the doctor he is seeing is Sid. Romeo decides to get tested before he tells Indi, to spare her any stress. But when Indi confronts him later, he has no choice but to confess all.