Having arrived suddenly on Roman’s doorstep, Nicole’s mum Natalie tells her she’s here to repair their relationship. Although Nicole isn’t interested in what she has to say, Roman agrees to let Natalie stay, and she quickly sends Nicole’s life into turmoil, even showing up at school to talk to her.

With Angelo in hospital, Belle is reluctant to break up with him, but that doesn’t stop her cheating on him with Aden. At the same time, Belle continues in her investigation, going door to door with Rachel’s list of local cancer patients, asking for signed permission to access their medical records. Murray finally returns Belle’s calls, telling her he has decided to help after all.

Belle questions Murray about his sudden disappearance and the cash in his bank account, but he claims it was an advance from his new job to help him relocate. She shows him the signed release forms she’s gathered, but is wary to hand anything over to him, especially since the blueprints were stolen. Later, As Belle sets off towards the hospital to access the vital medical records, a car comes out of nowhere and runs her off the road.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday December 15*

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