Nicole’s under fire

Morag asks around and arranges for people to keep an eye on Alf as she prepares his defence. She’s been concerned about him ever since he bumped into Will in the Bay and attacked him. As she works on Alf’s defence case, Morag is particularly interested in the fact that Nicole is carrying Penn’s baby. Despite Alf’s strong objections, Morag questions Nicole pretty harshly on the circumstances of her baby’s conception and how it makes her feel, carrying the child of a dead man. Morag reveals that she will be using the information to show a jury that other people had a motive for Penn’s murder.

Marilyn and Sid are talking over the implications of Nicole keeping the baby. At a party for Alf, Sid notices that Marilyn and Nicole are in serious discussion. Later that night, Marilyn reveals to Sid the plan that she has concocted with Nicole.

Leah is surprised to hear VJ defending Detective Robertson. Initially, she thinks it is because Robertson has been working on VJ to try and win him over, but after discussions with Robertson and VJ, she realises that it’s simply a case of VJ growing up and maturing.

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