Nigel has a warning for Cathy in Corrie

Nigel has Cathy rattled when he reveals some home truths in Coronation Street.

Realising Cathy has forgotten Roy’s birthday, Anna, Alex and Ken arrange a party in the cafe, while Roy hides his hurt. Meanwhile, Cathy rants at Nigel for the measly allowance he sends, but he snaps and darkly suggests she looks into the source of the payments.

Rattled, Cathy rifles through Alex’s bank statements, but what will she find?

Phelan’s impressed as Todd charms Sharif with his sales patter and Sonia hints she’d love to live in one of the flats. But Todd’s uncomfortable when Phelan gets him to target Alex and seeing Billy watching with disapproval, will Todd abandon his sales pitch? And if he does, how will Phelan react?

Alya confides in Zeedan and Rana her suspicions about Sonia and Sharif flirting.

Alya’s thrilled when Aidan expresses interest in reviving her sideline project. Kevin encourages Freddie to follow his heart. Mary offers to replace Todd in the flower shop.