Louis Theroux: The Night in Question – BBC2

Louis investigates cases of sexual assault at US colleges

Louis Theroux investigates cases of sexual assault at US colleges

Never one to shy away from contentious moral issues, 
Louis Theroux steps onto college campuses in the US to air concerns over sexual conduct among students.

Is an out-of-control masculinity leading to increases in sexual assault by young men with little concept of consent?

And are women on campus finally being listened to?

Night in Question - Louis Theroux

Louis at Yale University, Connecticut

Or are the changes to sexual-conduct procedures at colleges a result of a political correctness that tramples on legal process?

Louis meets Saif Khan (pictured, top with Louis), whose controversial 
case highlights universities’ attempts to balance the need to listen better to victims of sexual assault, while also ensuring that people accused on campuses are treated according to the law.

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