Night Terrors

After last week’s epic adventure that told us more about River Song’s past and the Doctor’s ‘death’, a more intimate episode that cleverly taps into the fears of young children.

Written by marvellous Mark Gatiss, this is Doctor Who at its very best, with clever CGI wizardry at a minimum and witty dialogue and unsettling surprises galore.

When the Doctor picks up a distress signal from a young boy, he makes a rare house call to a high-rise block. There he finds a nervy little boy called George who

is seemingly terrified of everything, which is causing his poor dad Alex (Daniel Mays) no end of heartache.

Should he be afraid? Hell yes – you should see the monsters hiding out in his wardrobe, and what happens when the lift up to his flat goes wrong! And his own dad can’t remember the day he was born. How strange.