Hollyoaks spoilers: Revenge! The Nightingales are reeling when they are publicly humiliated thanks to a plotting Imran and Yas

There are red-faces all round when Yas and Imran take their revenge on the Nightingale family and target James

The Nightingale family is humiliated when Imran and Yas publish a damning article about just how twisted they are. Buster comes up with a plan to clear the air and suggests both families meet up to air their grievances. However it soon descends into chaos when James starts to press people’s buttons and Imran loses it!

Elsewhere, after learning about Cleo’s secret affair with Joel, Myra sticks to Cleo’s side like glue making it impossible for the lovers to meet up.

Plus, Kyle impresses James when he comes up with a way to win him over and Tegan finally wakes up from her coma. Will killer copper Ryan be able to stop her from revealing the terrible truth about him?