Chas and Cameron can’t keep their hands off each other or their clothes on – and Debbie’s angry! But not with them (yet). Debbie’s angry because Chas, the aunt she has always felt close to, didn’t tell her about Zak’s cancer (the cancer he’s telling everyone he has, but doesn’t have really). Debbie’s angry with Cain, too. Why isn’t he helping his dad more? To wriggle out from under Debbie’s questions, Cain turns on Cameron, wondering why he’s not there to support Debbie. Yeah, why isn’t he? Because he’s lying next to Chas!

While the Dingles argue among themselves about who should and shouldn’t know about Zak, he wanders off. Sam finds his dad in the woods and tells him Belle now knows he’s ill, too. Zak knows his lies have gone too far, but he doesn’t know how to make things right. Confused and desperate, he pushes Sam away and races to Belle’s school. But Zak’s confusion turns to aggression and worried staff call the police. That’s the worst thing you can do to a Dingle, though, and Zak takes off.

It seems the worst thing anyone can do to Alicia right now is have a pop at David. She defends him against Rachel and it’s quite clear she likes him in that special way.