Jai may be a changed man but he’s furious about Nik and Leyla’s engagement. The tension is high between the brothers who end up having a full-scale fight, which gets broken up by their long-suffering dad, Rishi. Leyla’s none too chuffed with new fiancé Nikhil when she realises the only reason he’s booked her to fly out toCanada with him is to keep her away from Jai!

When David puts her on the spot and asks Leyla whether she still has feelings for her ex lover, how will she respond?

Her world has fallen apart but Rhona is desperately trying to keep it together. With his affair with Tess now out in the open, Paddy wants to go and stay with Marlon for a few days to give his heartbroken wife some space. But Rhona won’t have it. Clinging on to the adoption she’s worked so hard for, she demands he stick around to keep up the pretence that it’s business as usual for the married vets.

When Chas overhears Adam and Victoria talking about Robert’s business acumen she’s given an idea. But will her son’s ex go for it when Chas approaches him with an offer? Adam tries to move on and forget about baby Johnny, Victoria makes ambitious plans for the summer.