Nikhil asks Debbie to look after Molly!

Debbie’s being eaten up by guilt… and no wonder! What she and Cameron have done is terrible and she feels awful. So imagine how much more awful she feels when Nikhil comes up to her in The Woolpack and hands her baby Molly! Nikhil can’t cope and Debbie’s a mother and Molly needs someone who can look after her. Good grief, Nikhil! Just a few weeks ago, Debbie nearly killed Belle with her lethal vodka and Andy took baby Jack and Sarah away from her. OK, Debbie’s out of the booze business now, but she’s hardly stable. Just ask Charity and Cain. Trouble is, Nikhil’s barely speaking to anyone.

Cameron doesn’t want Debbie talking to anyone… least of all Nikhil. Debbie wants to tell Nikhil the truth about Gennie’s accident, but Cameron doesn’t want that. He convinces her to keep quiet, but only by agreeing to tell Chas that he’s finished with her and is back with Debbie… That’s a conversation not to be missed!

Alicia thinks that moving in with Dom is an opportunity not to be missed. Really? Dom’s daughter Gemma has just had an abortion and there’s a lot of father-daughter work to be done on their relationship – which might not leave much room for Alicia and Jake.