Nikhil’s desperate to stop Gennie leaving so what does he do? Does he tell her he loves her? Not immediately. First, he does something he thinks is much smarter: he gives her a bad reference! Gennie’s upset when she doesn’t get the job she’s gone for, but Nikhil is thrilled. Jai guesses what he’s done, though, and forces him to fess up. That’s when Nikhil admits what he did and that he did it because he couldn’t bear to lose her. But Gennie’s not impressed.

Amy’s impressed by Belle’s attempts to help her and tries to do right by her little mate… She tells Belle to give back the money she stole and Belle does, begging David not to sack her. So he doesn’t… Well, if he did, he’d had to get up with the sparrows to deliver papers and he doesn’t want to do that!

Laurel doesn’t want to have an affair with Marlon (well, she does, but won’t) but she doesn’t want anyone else to have him, either. So she’s upset when Rachel says he had a night on the town and got lucky. Laurel’s jealous and tells Marlon – who tells her it’s only to throw Sandy off their scent…