A macho man Nikhil definitely is not, but he seems to completely forget that when he flexes those finely-honed muscles of his and thumps Nicky. What’s all that about??? Well, Nikhil’s convinced Nicky’s cheating on Gennie. He has seen the vet again with another woman that he appears to be vetting and Nikhil confronts Nicky in the pub, where he loses his temper and decides he has to defend Gennie’s honour – by punching Nicky. Except… the woman Nicky’s been meeting is a friend who’s helping Gennie get a new job! Oh, how embarrassing!

And, oh, how awkward, when Andy moves in with Debbie and Cameron packs up to move in with Alicia. Cameron is miserable and angry, but he’s doing it for Debbie. Sarah doesn’t care why he’s doing it, she’s just thrilled to have her dad living with her. Andy, though, is worried about what the villagers are going to say – and they will have plenty to say.

Priya’s always been a spoilt little princess so it’s no surprise that she expects Jai to get her a job. The surprise is that she wants a job. Work is not something Priya’s ever been interested in before. Money, yes; she loves that. She loves attention, too, but not Cain’s. So, she has some standards!