Nikhil realises Megan is pregnant

*Second episode*

In the churchyard, Nikhil steels himself to visit his late wife Gennie’s grave. Megan’s also there, spending time by her brother’s graveside. As she gets up to leave, Megan drops her scan photo and with that, Nikhil susses she’s pregnant! Realising his brother Jai, the baby’s father, has no idea, Nik insists she tell the family. Horrified, Megan resolves to get out of Emmerdale ASAP.

Rhona’s feeling broody but Paddy’s weighed down with the guilt of his affair. Unable to come clean about his betrayal, instead the vet tells his wife he doesn’t think they could cope with another child.

Jimmy pulls out all the stops to try to woo Nicola who wants nothing more to do with him. Will he manage to put a smile on Nico’s face and give her ‘the time of her life’ with his movie re-enactment?