Nikhil returns and meets Rishi in secret!

*Hour-long episode*

Rishi sneaks off to his mysterious meeting where he’s reunited with his long-lost son and granddaughter, Nikhil and Molly! He wants Nikhil to help him out with the family business. But Nikhil’s not sure he can return to Emmerdale, which is packed with memories of his late wife Gennie. When Rishi gets back to work, he finds the staff in the middle of a walk out. At the end of his tether with his son, he orders Jai off the premises.

Feeling betrayed, Jai gets high on yet more drugs. Megan’s worried when she bumps into him, but her ex hubby is too stoned to notice her pregnancy, which she’s been desperate to keep secret from him. As Jai collapses, Megan leaves him to sleep it off. But, later that night, Jai is still out cold, in exactly the same spot…

Debbie asks Ross to move in with her. As the news spreads, no one’s happy about it, especially not protective dad Cain who warns her not to come running to him when it all goes wrong.

Leyla and Carly throw a Halloween fancy dress party. Belle’s excited about seeing Kirin and is gutted when she clocks him having a laugh with Vanessa. Ignoring her dad’s warning, the teen gets drunk, and after making a fool of herself, she stumbles home. When Lachlan gets kicked out too, he offers to walk with Belle, leaving Zak terrified for his daughter’s safety…