Nikhil runs into Priya and David kissing!

Still upset about losing to David in the fun run, Nikhil was hoping to show David what he’s made of. Instead, he finds Priya showing David what she’s made of. But what is David doing kissing Priya when he has just married Alicia? That’s what Nikhil demands to know, all breathless from his running. David’s breathless, too – but it’s Priya who has been doing all the chasing. She knows David’s marriage to Alicia is sham and now David has to tell Nikhil, too, otherwise he looks like a liar and a cheat.

Diane returns and, oh, how much she has missed! Ashley hitting his dad and ending up homeless; Val returning and hitting Pollard’s romance with Brenda like a wrecking ball; Cain not actually hitting anyone for months now… And then there’s Chas’s engagement to Dan. It’s all shocking, but imagine the bigger shock Diane would get if she knew that just a few weeks ago Chas was about to abandon their business and run off with Cameron!

Charity’s determined to run off with Carl and Jimmy’s business – and she’s getting up quite a head of speed! There’s a deal to be done on some trucks and Charity moves fast. Jimmy’s upset, but business is business and Charity’s not going to let Jimmy – or anyone else – hold her back.