Nikhil’s making plans with Pollard and Val

*Episode One*

It looks like Nikhil, Pollard and Val are ganging up on Gennie… Nikhil wants the B&B but isn’t sure Gennie wants it, too. What he needs is a plan to convince her that they’re doing the right thing. Nikhil thinks they need a practice run at running the business – and Val and Pollard want them to have that. They’re actually going to let OCD Nikhil loose on real guests… Bet he doesn’t just have a trouser press in each room, bet he has spray starch, bleach, disinfectant wipes – and body suits for guests to sleep in so they don’t actually touch his sheets.

The police get in touch with Laurel. They’ve been busy investigating the carjacking and have a line-up for Laurel to look at. Well, that’s something… and Laurel needs something to make her feel better about what’s happened. First she’s carjacked, then her car turns up in Cain’s garage – and now it’s disappeared. As far as Cain’s concerned it was never there. But someone did steal it and Laurel is desperate to find out who.

Vanessa’s desperately worried about Rhona and realises she’s been buying pills online. Vanessa hides Rhona’s latest delivery of drugs, but that isn’t enough to stop Rhona the addict from getting what she wants… Rhona fakes a burglary at the surgery so she can raid the drugs cabinet.