Nikhil’s new girlfriend arrives…

Nikhil’s new girlfriend Tanya arrives in the village. Brenda interrupts a lovey-dovey moment to tell her former son-in-law she’s arranging a do to celebrate what have been Gennie’s birthday. Seizing an opportunity to try to make trouble for Nikhil, Jai insists Tanya attends the do, hoping everyone will hate Nikhil for moving on.

Ashley has the weight of the world on his shoulders following his conversation with Andy. He mentions it to Robert, who baulks, before confronting Andy about it. The farmer tries to backtrack, passing off his words as drunken rubbish. Unconvinced, Ashley seeks out Laurel for advice, telling her he has information which could affect the outcome of the trial.

Acting on his ex’s words ‘to do the right thing’, Ashley calls Andy to urge him not to allow an innocent man to jail… Well, he thinks he’s calling Andy. But instead, he’s muddled the numbers and he has called Robert!

Jimmy learns Nicola is going to be coming home earlier than planned while Rodney urges his son-in-law to get his living situation sorted quick smart.