Nikhil wants to marry Maisie

So, what’s to become of Maisie and Will in 2011? Nikhil has given that a lot of thought. So has Will, who wants to move somewhere new with Maisie…and Ryan. Will loves his brother but isn’t aware of just how awkward things still are because Maisie loved her brother (before she knew he was her brother, of course). Ryan tells Maisie their near-incestuous past means he can’t make a life with them and it’s clear that Maisie is a little disappointed. So how will she react when Nikhil asks her to marry him? With shock, that’s how…

There are no shocks at the factory’s better-late-than-never Christmas meal. The staff are stuffed and very merry. Lisa and Zak suggest Derek spends the night at their cottage, where he has more to drink and flirts with Lisa after Zak has gone to bed. But Lisa’s a one-man woman.

Andy wants to be a one-woman man and he wants the woman to be Katie. Chas and Gennie think he’s been making the nuisance calls because Katie doesn’t want to be that woman. So what does he do? He scares the life out of Katie by turning up late at night to tell her that he’s really a good guy!

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