Nikhil, you’re going to be a father!

Gennie finally sits Nikhil down, ready to tell him that she’s having his baby. But Nikhil thinks what she’s trying to say is that she’s dumping him – so he dumps her! And so this Dingle tangle gets even more tangled! Gennie’s devastated – and so is Nikhil when Charity tells him that Gennie is pregnant. What?! How did that happen??? Well, think about it, Nikhil. Those times you weren’t out running, or showering, or starching your shirts, or picking the fatty bits out of your food, you and Gennie actually had sex and now you’re going to be a dad!

Meanwhile, Chas and Cameron treat Gennie as badly as Nikhil has by lying to her. They promise Gennie that their affair is over and thank her for keeping their dirty secret. Then they agree to run away together! But they’re going to have to run a very, very, very long way to be sure Cain never finds them and kills them.

Alicia’s not going anywhere and is still marrying David. And Pollard is still against it. So Alicia shows Pollard the pre-nup she has signed to reassure him that David’s property is safe. But Alicia can’t reassure herself that she’s doing the right thing when she admits to herself that David doesn’t love her the way she loves him.