Out in the patrol car with Pc Roger Valentine, Sergeant Nikki Wright spots a young boy, Alfie Eagan, who has been badly beaten, and rushes to his aid. As Alfie goes to hospital, Nikki visits his mother, Frances, who has discovered a break-in at her home.

Frances tells Nikki that they have recently had trouble with loan shark, Jason Dawes, after her husband Carl ran up huge debts with him – but no one knows where Carl is. As the case continues, DCs Jo Masters and Stevie Moss turn their attentions to Lucas Walsh, and discover that he and Carl are drug dealers involved in a turf war.

Later, officers burst into Carl’s house and discover his body. Nikki suspects that Alfie knows more than he’s letting on and, sure enough, when she talks to Alfie, he admits that he knows who killed his dad, but is protecting them. Can Nikki persuade Alfie to reveal the truth?