After visiting the family, Nikki sets off for work, but is devastated to learn that she’s been moved to the check-in desks. Meanwhile, David is awkward around Carol after she gets her new wig, heading out to get a take away. Bumping into an upset Nikki in the Square, David stops to check on her. When Nikki moves in for a kiss, he pulls away, not realising Liam has seen them together. Later, Liam intercepts a flirty text Nikki sends to David’s phone.

Fatboy is jealous of the time Dot is spending with Charlie but decides to make an effort for Dot’s sake. When Charlie announces that Dot is leaving the Square to be closer to him, Fatboy is stunned. Spotting Charlie furtively handing Les money, Fatboy is suspicious. He returns home to find a shaken Dot, who reveals that they have never heard of a Charlie Cotton at the police station…

Horrified when Jake admits that he’s the mystery emailer, Lauren runs out of the cafe. Wanting to find out where Jake was on the night of the murder, Lauren questions Aleks, who reveals he wasn’t at home. Jake finds Lauren and insists he’s innocent, but reveals he was too drunk on the night of the murder to remember where he was. Lauren goes to the police.