Carol speaks to Bianca and Sonia about upcoming tests to see if her cancer is genetic. Meanwhile, David heads to the karaoke party at The Vic, finding himself next to a very flirty Nikki. Outside, when Nikki makes a move, David dodges her, but they hide when Carol arrives with Bianca and Whitney. David overhears Carol singing his praises and is touched. In the pub, David grabs the karaoke mike, publicly proposing to Carol!

Shirley is proud to see her name on The Vic. The Carter family are thrown by the appearance of their Aunt Babe (Annette Badland), who has been called in by Tina. Realising that Shirley has been affected by talking to Stan, Babe does her best to reassure her. As Mick and Tina reminisce about their mum Sylvie, Shirley keeps the truth to herself – that Sylvie was a terrible mother. Little does she know Sylvie is close by…

Tamwar is proud when Masood agrees to take the market sweeper job. Fatboy, however, can’t believe Masood still hasn’t confessed everything to his son. When Carol finds Masood drunk in the Vic, she’s shocked. As Masood tries to hit David, Mick throws him out. Masood uses Tamwar’s keys to get into the market office and steal the petty cash.