Nikki’s life is under threat

Still reeling from the murder of fledgling Pc Billy Rowan and the attack on Sergeant Doug Wright, the Sun Hill officers are briefed about Greg Farnham, the prime suspect for both attacks. Greg blames the police for the death of his daughter and the officers believe he’s out for revenge.

At the line-up, Sergeant Nikki Wright admits she’s unable to identify Greg as Billy’s killer as she didn’t see him. As Greg is escorted from the station, a determined Nikki warns him that she’ll find the attacker – no matter what! Later, Nikki tells Supt. John Heaton that she wants to be the one to bring Greg in.

Dressed in civvies, Nikki and Pc Sally Armstrong follow Greg in a CID car and watch him enter a house which they discover belongs to a friend of his, Rachel Hopkins. Nikki and Sally suspect that Greg may have disappeared through the back of the house and go to investigate.

An anxious Rachel tells the officers that Greg grabbed a knife from the kitchen before he left. Nikki and Sally quickly jump back in the car, only to be confronted by Greg on the back seat, who holds a knife to Nikki’s throat. Greg yells at Sally to get out of the car and orders Nikki to drive…