Nina is pregnant in Holby City – and she doesn’t want ex Matteo to know!

But how can the medical director stop her ex Matteo from finding out?

Nina Karnik gets some shock news, this week, but when estranged husband Matteo Rossini makes it clear their relationship is over, she’s determined to keep it a secret. After rekindling their romance recently, surgeon Matteo suddenly split from medical director Nina, after she admitted she’d once had him investigated over their son, Nico’s, disappearance. They’ve hardly spoken since but, this week, Nina learns she’s pregnant!

Nina’s hopeful that once Matteo knows about the baby, he’ll want to patch things up. But as she tries to make peace with him, he makes it clear they have no future together – in fact, he’s moving out! Wanting him to be with her for her and not because of a baby, Nina decides NOT to tell Matteo about the baby. Unfortunately, as Nina works closely with medic Fredrik – son of Holby boss Hanssen – on an important transplant case up on Keller, he soon cottons on to her big secret…

Ambitious Fredrik has been trying to impress Nina all day, particularly as he knows she’s on the lookout for a young medic to put forward for a junior doctor award. Later, Fredrik assures Nina her baby secret is safe with him and that he won’t say anything to Matteo – but can she really trust him?

Meanwhile, it’s nurse Lofty’s first day on AAU and he’s tasked with treating serial bed-hogger Bedelia Oosterhause. Lofty’s keen to prove himself to Morven, who’s convinced there’s nothing wrong with Bedelia and wants her discharged as soon as possible.

However, when Lofty notices elderly Bedelia has a bad cough and a rash, he repeatedly defies Morven’s orders to send her home and begins to suspect she could have a serious medical condition. Will Lofty impress Morven by finally diagnosing the infamous Mrs Oosterhause?

Also, Oliver’s hopes to resurrect his research project are dashed when a face from the past arrives as the new Consultant Neurosurgeon, bringing a research proposal of her own. When his patient requires a neuro consult, Oliver’s has to work with his rival, unearthing painful memories of his late wife Tara.