Fans of this in-your-face drama, No Offence,  will already know that the Friday Street crew won’t end the series quietly.

Donna’s car is found, but no Donna – so the race is on to find her before any more harm can come to Cathy’s sister. Dinah, of course, is furious, mainly at Nora but also at her colleagues for using Donna to get to the unhinged gang boss. But when Donna actually finds them, it’s an explosive meeting – as you can imagine.

With the net closing in on Nora, Viv bends the rules even more than usual, telling the cautious Joy: ‘Now is not the time for your little Brontë-sister-saurus act.’ Cue an epic standoff between Viv and Nora as the truth about who killed Herbie Attah and why finally surfaces.