No-nonsense DI Viv Deering and the gang are back 
for a third series of the crime drama and are drawn into the shady world of local politics when a mayoral election debate ends in bloodshed.

Viv Deering and the officers of Friday Street Police Station are tackling enemies from all sides, as this Paul Abbott-penned drama returns.

Viv (Joanna Scanlan) and her team are on guard 
at Cinderly Town Hall in Manchester as two mayoral candidates campaign for votes.


Caroline McCoy (Lisa McGrillis) stands for mayor

On one side is incumbent liberal Kashif Hassan (Ace Bhatti) and, on the other, is local-girl-done-good Caroline McCoy (played by Mum star Lisa McGrillis).

It looks like everything’s under control but the event is marred when a gunman, with connections to local far right group Albion, opens fire, leading to a shock fatality.

A gripping opener that will have you on the edge of your seat!

TV Times rating: ****