Kate’s determined to keep her distance from Noah, so when she hears he’s coming round to give Sophie a bass lesson, she suggests an impromptu shopping trip. But she can’t avoid him the second time, when he arranges for their band to play at the PirateNet Awareness gig with Sophie on bass.

Wanting to maintain their renewed bond, Kate goes with her, deeply suspicious it’s all a set-up by Noah to get close to her again. At the gig, Kate’s surprised when Noah insists he’s got the message and is over her. But when finally alone with Kate, Noah kisses her again. Furious, Kate rejects him… with a stunned Sophie witnessing the ensuing fallout.

The pressure builds on Lucas to make a decision about selling the garage to the developers. But after witnessing the effects of stress on Michael, Lucas decides he’s happy with what he’s got, and tells Toadie he won’t be accepting their offer.

Sonya’s keen to spend some quality, couple time with Toadie but Callum’s presence becomes a hurdle. Convincing a reluctant Jade to take him out for the night, Sonya and Toadie are finally alone. But they’re interrupted once again by Lucas, who tells Toadie he’s decided he won’t be selling the garage after all.

With Toadie’s mind back on work and not romance, Sonya goes for all out passion, which proves successful… until the couch collapses beneath them.