Noakes suspends Rob!

Weston tells Rob that there’s someone inside the police connected to Treehouse. Rob accuses Weston of being involved in the activities of Treehouse, but Weston claims he thought he was just involved in money laundering and gives Rob a name and an address. Back in his cell, Weston receives a hidden note, which makes him uncooperative when questioned by Rob so Supt. Noakes tells Rob he’s no longer required on the case.

Back at home, Rob tries unsuccessfully to drown his sorrows in a bottle of whiskey, while the alarm goes off in the police station and Jimmi finds Weston unconscious in a pool of blood in his cell…

Emma tries to reassure Howard that he’s a good man but he tells her that she doesn’t know him that well. He confesses to Emma that he hasn’t been completely honest about the details of his days in the army and that he’s done some lousy things. Then, he leaves her reeling when he drops a bombshell that he has a daughter!