Noel shows up looking for Viv, but Ric is surprised at the change in him. Noel is convinced he is being followed, and scared for his life, needs to check his wife is OK. Ric isn’t interested in Noel’s plight, and admits he has no idea where Viv is. When Noel leaves, some tough looking guys are waiting for him outside. A while later Ric find Noel’s jacket lying beside one of the vans, his wallet still in the pocket. But there’s no sign of Noel…

Leah and Belle attempt to get a positive story about The Den into one of the city papers in an effort to make the Coastal News look like a common rag. It seems like Leah and Belle have won until somebody throws a bin through the window of the Coastal News offices, with a note reading ‘This is for The Den’.

Alf, Colleen, Martha, Jack, Ric and Matilda are dreading going to Morag’s house later that night, convinced they are going to get a collective lecture.

After losing Miles and her job as a school secretary, Jazz feels so down about herself that she considers leaving the Bay.

Also, with news of her kissing lessons all over school, Nicole has become a laughing stock.

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