Noel has a proposal for Ric

Ric receives a text message from Viv’s husband, Noel, saying he wants to meet. The meeting turns out to be a business proposition, with Noel wanting Ric to compete in no-holds-barred fighting. Although he is clearly tempted by the money being offered, Ric tells Noel it’s illegal and he wants nothing to do with it.

Later, Ric discusses the offer with Matilda. After seeing all the pain in Cassie’s life, she tells him she doesn’t want him to fight. However, unknown to Ric, Noel has already started taking bets on him. If Ric doesn’t fight, Noel is in serious trouble, with the only option to try to send Ric broke, thus forcing him to fight for the cash.

Suspicious that Sam lied during hypnotherapy about the man she saw, Rachel assumes it must be because of the stress she was under. Sam is more than happy to go along with Rachel’s theory and when Jack is told, even he understands.

After Colleen comments on Cassie’s weight, Cassie reveals that she is not fat, but pregnant. Later, Cassie decides to come clean to Alf about the fact she is HIV positive. But Alf’s response leaves Cassie deeply hurt.

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