Norris celebrates the ex factor

Norris goes to Angela’s funeral and he meets up with Angela’s other ex-husbands – of which there are several! The exes all bond, however, and decide to go for drinks in the Rovers after the service and their raucous behaviour would leave Angela spinning in her grave!

Ashley is exasperated with Claire when she confronts Jamie and demands to know what he told the police about the fire and Ashley ushers her inside. Their argument is interrupted by a phone call from Casey who arranges to meet Claire in Roy’s Rolls. Claire storms out to see Casey and confides that she’s sure both the police and Ashley think she started the fire. Casey is secretly pleased.

Michelle tells Ryan that she and Steve are an item but the couple don’t get the reaction they expected from the teenager. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Jamie see Eileen’s holiday snaps and spot the one of Steve with Shania and they give Steve no end of stick.

Also, Cilla has a job interview at a care home; Dev is uninterested in Leanne’s business proposition.