Norris gets a shock visitor

Norris has a heart-to-heart with Mary and he’s relieved when she confesses that she’s better off going travelling on her own. Norris waves Mary off as she leaves the street, but he’s in for another surprise when his estranged half-brother Ramsay (Andrew Sachs) turns up in the Rovers looking for him.

Eileen isn’t happy that she was forced into letting Colin stay the night and says she wants him out today. Jason sets about ringing round care homes and Eileen tells Rita about Colin’s return. Rita pays a surprised Colin a visit and he pleads his case and Rita’s shocked to find herself feeling sorry for him. Rita urges Colin to think about his relationship with Eileen, but when he asks Eileen if he can stay she tells him she can never forgive him.

Fiz goes to a big effort to prepare for her visit to John in prison. Maria laughs at how much effort Fiz is going to for Chesney’s ‘teacher’, not realising where Fiz is going and Fiz keeps the news to herself.

Also, Umed tells Amber he knows she’s hurting but asks her to consider how Dev must feel; Connie asks Jack to go on holiday with her to Spain.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz gets a phone call saying John has been attacked by an inmate and taken to hospital and she struggles to hide her shock. Maria knows that Fiz was due to be visiting Chesney’s ‘teacher’ and she puts the pieces together and susses she’s been seeing John. A stunned Maria demands to know whether Fiz plans to wait for him, but Fiz is more concerned with the wellbeing of her man.

Norris wants nothing to do with his brother Ramsay. Rita and Emily had no idea that Norris had a brother and are shocked by his animosity. Emily forces a meeting between the two, but when they eventually come face-to-face Emily is stunned when Norris hints that Ramsay did something terrible many years ago, although he refuses to go into detail.

Eddie heads to the wholesalers with Roy’s account details and loads up with booze. Eddie fears that he’s been found out when an alarm sounds as he goes through the check-out and the manager strides over. He’s relieved when the manager reveals that he is the millionth customer and has won a prize!

Also, Colin begs Eileen not to send him to the care home; Jack lies to Molly and Tyrone that he’s going to Blackpool, not Spain.