With Mary in the bath, Norris makes a run for it and heads for the nearest village. He calls Rita but gets cut off and seeing Mary driving towards him in the motor home he tries to hide in a ditch. But Mary soon finds him and his escape fails when he twists his ankle and fails to reach Rita on the phone. Mary insists on driving him back to the cottage where she can look after him and he is stunned as she starts to talk about marriage!

Meanwhile, Graeme tries to help fix a broken Tina. As he returns to her flat to fix the door he agrees to remain silent on the proviso that she lets him visit every day with food. Reluctantly she agrees.

Gary admits that he’s AWOL because he’s scared of going to war. Anna tells him that he would still be a brave person if he packed it in. Gary goes to pack, leaving Eddie to admit the warrant officer is already on his way.

Elsewhere, David’s fed up of Natasha staying at the Platts and tells Nick that Graeme’s moving in.

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