Norris makes an indecent proposal

Rita is puzzled when Norris announces that he wants to take her to lunch at the Italian. But when Norris seems nervous at the restaurant, she demands to know what’s up with him. Norris announces that he’s grown to respect and love her over the years and he asks her to be his wife! Rita is stunned by Norris’s offer and the answer is a resounding ‘no’!

Ashley is furious when Casey turns up unannounced at the house and Claire invites her in, much to Ashley’s discomfort. Ashley gets Casey on her own and tells her that she must leave him and Claire alone. But he’s left frustrated when Casey makes it clear that she has no intention of disappearing.

Hayley is becoming increasingly introspective and Roy is worried by his wife’s mysterious mood. Becky urges Hayley to talk to Roy about her son, but she’s terrified that Roy will dump her. Becky then suggests that Hayley hire a private eye to find her son so she knows the facts before she makes her confession to Roy. Hayley is tempted.

Also, Gail shows up David in front of Mel and he unplugs the freezer in revenge; Cilla heads off to Vegas with Frank, leaving Chesney with Kirk.