Emily’s struggling to get on with her life after Ramsay’s death, and when she returns from work early she gets little sympathy from Norris. Unable to stand his coldness Emily turns to Rita, and admits she’s sick of losing loved ones. As Rita comforts her Emily decides to call an uneasy truce with Norris. But Norris drops a bombshell telling her that he’s planning to refuse all that Ramsay has bequeathed him

Fiz tells Kirk she is heading out wedding dress shopping but urges him to keep quiet, explaining she wants to tell Chesney herself. But when Kirk lets slip to Chesney about Fiz marrying John in prison it looks like she’s missed her chance. Chesney storms round to the factory where a major row ensues.

Tyrone’s desperate to fix his faltering marriage so tells Molly he’s cooking lunch for her. Molly reluctantly agrees and as Tyrone serves her a Chinese takeaway he makes it clear there’s much more on offer than just what’s on the plate.

Also, Liz is fed up of waiting for Leanne’s decision so asks another former employee to cover her shifts; Luke makes an excuse to avoid a date with Rosie in the hope of stealing some time with Michelle.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Norris reveals that Ramsay has left him 127,000 pounds and all his worldly goods. As he undertakes an impromptu stock-taking, to avoid going home to Ramsay’s belongings, Rita and Emily urge him to open the trunk Ramsay left him. But Norris claims he isn’t interested and certainly doesn’t want Ramsay’s money. As he gives the trunk to Emily for the charity shop he shouts at them all to respect his feelings.

Fiz can’t bring herself to tell John about her row with Chesney and squirms when he explains he’s made special arrangements for Chesney to be at the wedding. Back on the street Fiz is despondent, as she realises what should be the happiest time of her life is becoming more and more difficult.

Luke has to do some serious back tracking when Rosie finds him in the Rovers. As he insists his night out was postponed, Rosie opts for the only way she knows how to keep a man and drags him back to the Websters. They sleep together but Luke can’t wait to get away and he’s soon back in the pub chatting up Michelle.

Also, Sophie asks Rosie how it feels to be in love as she thinks she’s falling for Ben.