Norris steels himself and opens Ramsay’s trunk. As he discovers a bundle of unopened letters from Ramsay to his mother, desperate for some acknowledgement, he starts to see his mother in a new light. It’s the final blow when Norris then discovers a cruel note his mother sent to Ramsay, telling him to leave her alone. At last Norris breaks down full of regret at turning his back on his brother.

Luke tells Michelle that his relationship with Rosie is coming to an end and he’s going to dump her tonight, hoping they can pick up where they left off. He invites Rosie to his flat to talk but after a bad day at work, where Janice has told her that Luke has no intention of producing her designs, Luke starts to flounder. As the tears roll she suggests she move in with him.

Fiz tries to get through to Chesney, but he compares John to Cilla’s dodgy boyfriends and fears he’ll be left to fend for himself again. Fiz is adamant that John is the love of her life and she is nothing like Cilla but Chesney’s not convinced.

Also, Peter’s not happy when Leanne tells him she’s taken a job in a bar.