It’s Du Plessis’ 60th birthday and he has no intentions of celebrating. But the Trevanions have other ideas and Caroline is organising a surprise party.

Danny occupies Du Plessis by taking him to ultrasound a lioness to see if she’s pregnant. It’s not good news – the lioness hasn’t conceived and Danny suspects the problem lies with the old male lion Hobie. His solution is to ask Fatani if they can borrow a younger more virile lion to get their lioness pregnant. Du Plessis doesn’t like it and thinks Hobie will perish in the fight for dominance.

Du Plessis’ party is interrupted by the sound of Hobie bellowing in the bush. Du Plessis’ fears Hobie has been killed, but he’s proved wrong when they find the Mara lion wounded. A jubilant Du Plessis races Cory and Barry home, but his chest worsens and he crashes the jeep, injuring Evan (Luke Ward-Wilkinson).

Fatani thanks Rosie for all her support and he makes a terrible pass at her. Rosie is furious and resigns.

Du Plessis confesses he’s been diagnosed with angina. He tells Danny, he’s getting old and its time for him to step down from Leopard’s Den. The family is devastated, but Danny won’t listen and convinces Du Plessis to help him with their lioness.

Out in the bush Danny tries to inseminate the lioness, but she stops breathing and they try to resuscitate her. Suddenly a prowling Hobie descends on them and Danny and Du Plessis run for their lives. Back at Leopard’s Den they see the distress flare and arrive to find Danny holding a badly injured Du Plessis in his arms. They’re rushed to hospital and the family fear the worst for Du Plessis…

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