Nothing Like a Dame

Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Joan Plowright, Dame Eileen Atkins, Dame Judi Dench chat about their lives and careers in BBC2's Nothing Like a Dame

Settle down for an absolute treat of a film, which unites four acting dames – Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Eileen Atkins and Joan Plowright – for an entertaining discussion about their life and work.

Nothing Like a Dame

Dame Judi Dench

“I’ll work forever if I’m asked” Judi Dench

While the archive footage of each of these national treasures is wonderful, the real joy is in seeing their easy, cheeky friendship as ‘Mags’, ‘Jude’ and co bicker about their views on key roles, the stars they have worked with over the years and even the merits of hearing aids!

Nothing Like a Dame - Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie Smith shares a joke

The formidable foursome also engage in some steely interaction with the nervous film crew whenever they are asked a tedious question or required to pose for one photo too many.

Nothing Like a Dame - Joan Plowright

Dame Joan Plowright

“Mother said, ‘You’re no oil painting, but you have spark…'” Joan Plowright

Nothing Like a Dame - Dame Eileen Atkins

Dame Eileen Atkins

They don’t make them like this any more!