Now Ashley turns thief!

Reality has never been one of Ashley’s favourite places (let’s pretend I didn’t mess up with psycho Sally, let’s pretend I didn’t hurt my father, let’s pretend Gabby has no reason to fear me, let’s pretend Laurel has no reason to loathe me…), but he can’t escape the reality of his burger bar job when Victoria and Alex walk in. Of all the burger bars in all of Hotten they had to choose his – and he’s desperate for them to leave and keep quiet. That way he can continue to fool the likes of Rodney about his ‘managerial’ job. But perhaps he should be more concerned about how he’s nicking burger buns for the homeless. Especially with Oli and Gareth watching him…

Lisa’s concerned about Zak’s progress in hospital – or his lack of it. And now she’s got something else to worry about. Two unfamiliar men have turned up at The Woolpack and Cain tells Lisa they’re there to meet Zak. What? This doesn’t sound good at all.

Amy’s not at all happy about the trouble Val has caused Alicia and delivers an ultimatum to Val: drop the charges against Alicia or face losing Amy and Pollard for ever.

*Second episode*

Victoria and Alex were never going to keep quiet about Ashley’s job in a burger bar. They go straight back to Emmerdale and tell Laurel – and she goes straight to Ashley. But before she can lay into Ashley about lying, she sees Gareth sack him for stealing. Then Ashley sees Laurel. He thinks his humiliation is complete, but it’s not – yet. Back in Emmerdale, Rodney is consoling Ashley with a drink in The Woolpack, but Laurel is not sorry for him, she’s furious. The way she sees it, Ashley lost his job because he was more concerned with helping the homeless than providing for his family. Time to pray for guidance, Ashley.

Lisa wants Cain’s help. The two men looking for Zak insist they’re there to conclude a business deal. Ah, that would be the money Zak buried on the moors. But Lisa doesn’t know about that. Lisa tells the men Zak’s in hospital and they leave. But it’s clear they’ll be back and Lisa begs Cain to find out who they are and what they want.

All the begging to Val on Alicia’s behalf has paid off and she agrees to drop the charges. Yay!