Now Ashley’s cross to bear is his shame

Homeless and broke, Ashley turns to the church. He’s looking for comfort from God – and a comfortable spot where he can bed down for the night. He has nowhere else to go and no job. Ashley did go to the job centre, but he came away empty-handed. They know he was sacked from his last job and want to know why. Ashley won’t confess so they’re going to investigate. In the meantime, they tell him, he can claim benefits but he won’t get anything for 14 days. Ashley tells Laurel none of this. But without a miracle he’s going to have to put her in his bleak picture very soon.

It’s not a bleak picture at Home Farm, but it’s not rosy, either. Megan doesn’t want anything to do with Robbie, but Declan keeps pushing her to talk to him, to spend time with him… Robbie says he’ll only be staying a few days, but Declan tells him to make it a few weeks, so he can get to know Megan better. And finally Megan cracks. Robbie’s on his way out with Declan and she asks him to stay and talk. She wants to know about the life he had without her in it.

Gennie’s still not talking, though and hasn’t told Nikhil she’s pregnant.