Now Ben turns to the bottle!

Ian drives to Gina’s house and he tiptoes in when he sees that the door is open only to be faced with Gina pointing a gun. A terrified Ian accuses Gina of sending Lucy emails, but he realises he’s on the wrong track when Gina reveals that she doesn’t even own a computer. Ian is called home by Jane, who has just received a frightening letter. Ian is stunned to see a picture of Cindy holding last week’s Walford Gazette…

Peggy confronts Phil when she discovers a hidden bottle of booze and Phil drops the act and heads straight down to the bar to carrying on drinking. Ben asks whether Phil is drinking because of Stella and Phil goes mad at the mention of Stella’s name. Ben resorts to drinking vodka, like his dad, and a horrified Ronnie finds him. Phil is ashamed when he sees the state of his son.

Kevin worries about how to provide for the family with Denise and Chelsea both out of work. Kevin confronts Mrs Masood for sacking Denise and he’s shocked when the postmistress reveals that Denise made the decision.

Also, Jase has a word with Max about Lauren calling Jay names.

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