Now I know, don’t be scared

Susan is shocked when Mike reveals that his father, Nick, is still alive, and insists on visiting him in jail, where he’s holed up for the killing of his boss. Susan is appalled that Nick seems to feel no remorse, particularly when she thinks of him sharing the same DNA as her baby. Nick tells her that he regrets making Mike the son of a murderer, but advises Susan to watch his son because Mike has demons of his own…

Bob and Lee are hosting a Halloween fancy dress party that Bree has barred Danielle from attending. She turns up all the same – dressed as Bree – and almost immediately realises her waters have broken. Bree tries to swear Adam to secrecy but Adam says he already knows that she has been faking her pregnancy. Danielle delivers a baby boy and says Bree should raise him.

Edie plans to wreak vengeance on Carlos by reporting him to the tax authorities. But the plot backfires when an IRS agent informs her that the offshore account numbers she gave him don’t exist. Meanwhile, Gaby receives a persuasive reason for staying married to Victor – a cheque from his father, Milton. But to get it, she must stay married for 13 months.

Carlos tells Gaby about the hidden $10 million, and she’s shocked that he hid it from her during their marriage. After Victor tries to win Gaby back, Edie visits Victor to show him photos of Gaby and Carlos – she says Carlos deserves everything that’s coming to him.