Now Kit’s giving the ultimatums!

Kit is confused following her passionate kiss with Kim, and has no idea what to do when she notices he’s ignoring her. Later, Kim begs Kit to give him a few days to make a decision about their future. Disappointed Kit gives Kim an ultimatum: she needs a decision by the end of the week, and in the meantime he can’t see her or Archie. Meanwhile. Rachel wonders if she did the right thing in letting Hugh leave.

Drew’s mum Jazz is frustrated that her son is avoiding her, and is convinced Jules is making the situation worse. She tells Jules that if he doesn’t leave town immediately, she will have to reveal their mysterious ‘secret’ to Drew. Later, Drew asks Jules if he can crash the night at his van, but is angry when Jules turns him away. Drew leaves and Jazz steps out of hiding and makes it clear that she’ll force Jules into ending his friendship with Drew.

Unable to forget about Jules, Cassie asks him out for a date for her 18th birthday. Although he is thrilled, Jules is forced to reveal that Matilda and Ric are planning a surprise party for her.